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Tour Our Facility

Take a moment to look around our facility. We are extremely proud of not only our children and staff, but also our facility. We continue to add new equipment and activities to challenge our young minds.

Our Children At Work

We wanted to showcase a few pictures of our children while they are engaged in the discovery of learning.

2009-07-21 Fire Safety Pics
2009-04-16 Fire Safety Pics
2009-01-30 7 Continents (Asia) Pics
2008-08-14 Fire Safety Pics
2008-07-17 Making Rainsticks Pics
2008 Graduation Pics
2008-05-15 Egypt Pics

Our Children At Play

Athletics is an important part of each days activities. Here are a few pictures of the children playing around and outside our facility.

2009-07-24 Water Day Pics
2008-12-23 Christmas Party Pics
2008-10-31 Halloween Pics
2008-10-22 Pumpkin Patch Pics
2008-07-29 Parky's Farm Pics Page2
2008-07-11 Water Play Pics
2008-06-20 Water Play Pics
Laurie Pirtle Visit Pics
2008-04-22 Outdoors Pics

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